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Welcome to the island of mad toy doctors

You’ve been brought to the island as an apprentice to the reclusive Doctor. No one has seen or heard from the old man in years, yet you all stand at the door of his decaying mansion, letters in hand. You raise the iron knocker three times, and wait in silence. Hesitantly, one of your number opens the door. “Doctor?” You press onward as subtle whirrs, clicks, and hums emit from the passage beyond. The Doctor is gone. And his creations are in your hands. 

Use the arrows to create your own Misfit Toy.


The full game deck will have 192 cards for a total of 262,144 possible toy combinations.

Misfit Toys is a party game for 3-6 players. Players each choose a secret toy category, for example a heroic toy or a sneaky toy. They then independently construct a toy in their category by passing top, middle, and bottom toy cards around the table. At the end of each round, players try to guess which toy was intended to fit in which category.


We have created our own game play, artwork, and design for this game and are currently playtesting to work out the kinks. 


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